The first sod was celebrated in Gemünden

The approval phase has been completed – at the end of May, the first ground-breaking ceremony for the seven wind turbines of the new Gemünden wind farm followed. In the coming months, four plants will be built in the city forest of Gemünden and three more in the district of Schiffelbach. The 35 million euro wind farm in the Waldeck Frankenberg district of Hesse is operated by “Windpark Gemünden GmbH”, a subsidiary of VEW.

“We are pleased as a county also with the city of Gemünden and the forest owners, that the construction of the plant can now be started”, said district administrator Dr. med. Reinhard Kubat during the ceremony for the groundbreaking ceremony. He greeted the start of construction together with his mayor Frank Gleim. With the new wind farm, Gemünden can make a contribution towards renewable energies away from fossil fuels. “I’m very proud of that,” says mayor Frank Gleim, who is confident that the city will benefit in the long term.

Each plant will have a height of almost 200 meters with a rotor diameter of 117 meters. The generating capacity of a plant is 2.4 megawatts – so the park has a total output of 16.8 megawatts. The generated energy should be fed into the power grid.

The inauguration of the wind farm is scheduled to take place this fall. On 9 December, the commissioning of the last wind turbine is planned. ENOVA accompanies the project from the beginning. So ENOVA was involved in the determination of the basics, the allocation of wind turbines and the obtaining of the BImSchG.