BImSchG for the Heerenweg repowering project

For the wind farm repowering project Heerenweg, in course of the approval planning, the approval decision in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) was granted by the district of Leer in September 2015.

On behalf of Windpark Heerenweg GmbH, ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH has prepared the BImSchG application for the project “Repowering Heerenweg” (Bunde, Leer district) as part of a service contract. 6 WEA locations are planned with the manufacturer SENVION. As part of the approval planning process, ENOVA handles the preparation of the application as well as the interface communication between the district involved, the municipalities and the assessors. Furthermore, the coordination with clients by ENOVA as well as the participation in all government appointments including the application conference takes place.

The new 3.4M114 plants have a nominal output of 3.4 MW, a rotor diameter of 114 m and a hub height of around 93 meters. They replace the nine existing E-40 plants from Enercon with a rated output of around 500 kW. The construction of the access road and the crane shelves has already begun.

Furthermore, ENOVA is commissioned to implement the grid connection of the wind farm to the public electricity grid. Due to the higher capacity of the new wind farm, further use of the previous grid connection is not possible. The approx. 11 km long 30 kV underground cable system connects to the new substation (UW) on the 110 kV line of AVACON AG. As part of a service contract, ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH is responsible, among other things, for the planning of the line, the negotiation of user contracts with landowners and the obtaining of permits. In addition, ENOVA coordinates the planning and construction work of third parties, such as electrical engineering, cable laying and the erection of the substation.