Windpark Dwarstief

ENOVA IPP acquires shares of the Wind Farm „Dwarstief“ near Weener: The largest of its kind in the district of Leer

Bunderhee, 14.02.2020. With the acquisition of a substantial share of the wind farm Dwarstief near Weener, the ENOVA IPP GmbH & Co. KG was able to announce a new success and add another investment to its wind farm portfolio. The wind farm Dwarstief consists of a total of nine wind turbines (seven ENERCON E-101 3.05 MW, hub height of 135m and two ENERCON E-92 2.35 MW, hub height of 85m) with a total capacity of 26.05 MW and was built in 2016 as part of a repowering project.

ENOVA IPP’s 16th wind farm is located within sight of the ENOVA Group’s headquarters and “encloses” the Klingele Papierwerke wind turbine (E-101 with 3.05 MW) and the wind turbine Sanden (E-92 with 2.35 MW) in the industrial area of Weener, both have already been repowered by ENOVA in 2015 and 2018.

This acquisition in particular was special due to the extremely quick implementation: only six weeks passed inbetween the purchase offer in the week before Christmas and the payment of the purchase price at the end of January. We owe this achievement to the good cooperation with our longtime partners, HansaInvest, TÜV Süd and fieldfisher, as well as a well-established deal team, which is looking forward to the implementation of the promising pipeline and new projects.

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The ENOVA Group is operating as a family business since 1989 in the area of renewable energies. As an innovative pioneer, the company develops, implements and supports wind energy projects on shore and off shore. The services range from project initiation and realization to wind farm management, repowering and maintenance. In 2017, ENOVA set up the ENOVA Service company as a pioneer in the field of services and repair for Enercon wind turbines, which has now a capacity of 164 MW. The ENOVA IPP currently operates 85 MW.

ENOVA at a glance – Focus on the continued operation after the 15th year of operation

Around 6,000 wind turbines with an output of over 4 gigawatts will be removed from the guaranteed EEG remuneration on 01.01.2021, and further thousands of turbines will follow in the following years. This leads to a high degree of uncertainty for the operators of these turbines.

The ENOVA Group uses the expertise of more than 30 years in the wind energy sector and has flexible solutions for a long-term, economical and also carefree continued operation of wind turbines.

In addition to the former core business, project planning, ENOVA has positioned itself as a specialist in the wind energy sector in the last few years with additional business lines focusing on old plants.

ENOVA supports the operators comprehensively in a possible repowering of the old systems. Starting with the first planning steps up to the construction of the new plant. In order to minimize the increased risk of the repowering, ENOVA now also offers joint repowering with the newly founded network company ENOVA Value through a proportionate purchase of the old wind farm shares.

In addition to a proportional purchase of wind farm shares, ENOVA Value also offers the complete takeover of older wind farms. ENOVA has many years of experience in the project business, in technical management and in maintenance and repair. This enables ENOVA to optimise the added value of the wind farms in order to operate them economically even without EEG compensation. Therefore ENOVA Value is able to pay very attractive purchase prices for the old plants.

Not every wind farm is suitable for repowering. The affiliated company ENOVA Service has been servicing Enercon systems since 2017 through predictive and needs-based maintenance and repair. In this way, Enova Service ensures reliable and profitable continued operation of the old systems and prevents unplanned damage and downtimes.

Further information on ENOVA’s focus on the new requirements of the wind industry can be found here.

ENOVA wins KulturKontakte Award

ENOVA receives the KulturKontakte award 2019

ENOVA Wind Farm Management expands its offer in the fields of CMS (Condition Monitoring System) for gearless wind turbines

Since autumn 2019 ENOVA Wind Farm Management is offering vibration analyses within the scope of condition monitoring. In the course of expiring full maintenance contracts and continued operation of old wind power plants for more than 20 years, the early detection of major damages is an elemantary issue.

“Especially on rolling bearings of gearless wind turbines, harmful influences should be detected before they lead to damages. This enables us to have repairs carried out by the full maintenance contractor before the full maintenance contract ends. This prevents cost-intensive consequential damages and the associated plant failures”, says Technical Wind Farm Manager Ralf Brinkema. The vibration analysis is an essential component in the overall evaluation of a possible further operation of old plants which is superviced by the ENOVA Wind Farm Management. The results allow actuarial questions to be answered and give an estimate of the further operating time. That knowledge is an effective protection against expensive bad investments.

Successful year for the ENOVA Group

Bunderhee, 18.12.2018. The East Frisian ENOVA Group can look back on a financial successful year 2018. For example, the wind energy specialist has acquired stakes in onshore and offshore wind farms with a total output of 70 megawatts via the network company ENOVA IPP. In August 2018, ENOVA IPP and EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH, took over the 12-MW Windpark Hohegaste. EWE and ENOVA share the technical and commercial tasks in the operation of the wind farm.

Project successes in repowering and technical operation management

After a successful repowering in January 2018, ENOVA Energiesysteme commissioned the WPP Sanden in Ostfriesland. From mid-March to October, the repowering and scheduled commissioning of the Düddingen wind farm took place, which has a 50 percent higher output now. “In addition, we are steadily expanding our portfolio of wind farms, where we provide services related to asset management, such as technical operations management,” elaborates Managing Director Hauke ​​Brümmer. In 2018, ENOVA took over 43 EWE WPP. The total portfolio of managed WPP comprise more than 250 megawatts. The technical management will offer further services such as Big Data evaluations and condition monitoring solutions in 2019.

Manufacturer-independent service provider maintains more than 50 wind turbines.

At the turn of the year ENOVA Service, founded in 2017, will handle a portfolio of 100 megawatts. In the second half of 2018, the manufacturer-independent service provider started maintaining 16 further wind turbines. In July 2018, the complex rectification of a major component damage was achieved: during the repair of a defective powertrain, the service specialists first exchanged only the main bearings and repaired the defective axle journal without replacing the entire hub.

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The ENOVA Group is operating as a family business since 1989 in the area of renewable energies. As an innovative pioneer, the company develops, implements and supports wind energy projects on shore and off shore. The services range from project initiation and realization to wind farm management, repowering and maintenance. In 2017, ENOVA set up the ENOVA Service company as a pioneer in the field of services and repair for Enercon wind turbines, which has now a capacity of 100 MW. The ENOVA IPP currently operates 70 MW. The aim is to build  a portfolio of 100 MW by the end of 2019.

Wind farm Dueddingen put into operation

The time has come: The Dueddingen wind farm will be connected to the grid after a successful repowering within the tight schedule! In mid-March 2018, the first construction measures began in the area of ​​the Wesermarsch. Approx. eight months later, the four new Enercon E-70 E4 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.3 MW, were completed and commissioned. The old NEG Micon 1500-64 from 2000 was dismantled and replaced by the new ones.

David Szilagyi, Project Developer at ENOVA, said: “We made it! And the whole thing according to plan. Despite some adversities, the project was implemented very well thanks to the dry summer and the well-rehearsed performance of all project participants and subcontractors.” The project schedule was particularly stringent with the tight schedule and the necessary extensive coordination between the trades. During the dismantling of the old plants were still in full swing, the new wind turbines were already being built elsewhere. Another obstacle was the current situation of access via a private railroad crossing, which made larger transport difficult. However, this hurdle was taken sovereign.

The new plants reach with a hub height of 64 meters and a rotor diameter of 71 meters a total height of about 100 meters. They will produce over 15,142,000 kWh of electricity annually. This is enough to supply just under 4,000 households with renewable energy, resulting in CO2 savings of around 9,000 tones.

Successful fair presentation at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

Once again ENOVA was represented at the WindEnergy fair in Hamburg, Germany. The fair offered the perfect platform for a constructive exchange and very interesting discussions across all business areas – new partner- and customer relationships are in sight.

Especially for the affiliated company, ENOVA Service, the appearance was a complete success. Many potential customers found their way to the independent maintenance company for gearless wind turbines. Managing Director Dietmar Buß is confirmed in his strategic direction by the hustle and bustle at the ENOVA fair stand: “Many operators are looking for a service alternative, for being able to economically realize the continued operation of their wind turbines after the expiration of the EEG compensation. Together with my colleagues, we’ve been able to introduce our maintenance concepts to many interested parties and see, among other things, the Windenergy offers a short-term growth potential for our services of over 200 MW.”

The highlight of the event was the ENOVA Service trade fair party on Thursday evening. The reason for this, in addition to the service provider’s one-year existence, was also the first settlement of a major component damage as an independent service provider on an Enercon wind turbine. With lager beer, snacks and good music, the numerous guests could end the day of the fair.

Many thanks for the technically demanding exchange and the numerous visits – we are already looking forward to the next fair!


EWE ERNEUERBARE and ENOVA acquire local wind farm

Oldenburg, Bunderhee, Leer, August 31, 2018. The EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH from Oldenburg and the ENOVA IPP GmbH & Co. KG from Bunderhee have bought the wind farm Hohegaste in the East Frisian town Leer. Each company acquired 50 percent of the shares from the previous owners. The wind farm has been repowered in 2017: 13 of the older wind turbines of the first generation have been replaced by four Enercon 101 wind turbines with a total energy output of 12.2 MW. The purchase price is kept in silence.
EWE and ENOVA will share the technical as well as the commercial tasks of the operation of the wind farm.

Dr. Jörg Buddenberg, Head of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN, emphasized: “With the new wind turbines in Hohegaste we are expanding the onshore wind energy portfolio of the EWE Group to a total energy output of more than 280 MW. Our short and medium term goal is to continue to grow. The current cooperation with ENOVA shows that this can be done with a good partnership aswell.“

Hauke Brümmer, Head of ENOVA, pointed out: “We are happy to expand our existing portfolio, with our share in the wind farm Hohegaste, especially because it is located in our home region. With EWE, we have a partner whose services complement ours well. In this constellation, we are able to buy further repowering capable projects.”

EWE and ENOVA have been working together on projects in the energy transition for 15 years. In 2013 the energy provider and the wind farm project planner realized the first commercial off shore wind farm RIFFGAT in the German North Sea, among other projects.

About ENOVA:
The ENOVA Group is operating as a family business since 1989 in the area of renewable energies. As an innovative pioneer with 30 employees, ENOVA develops, realizes and supports wind energy projects on shore and off shore. The services range from project initiation and realization to wind farm management, repowering and maintenance. As a comprehensive project developer and energy service provider, ENOVA offers complete packages for operators and investors for the energy source wind. Nationwide cooperation with energy providers, municipals and forest administration see the reliability and know-how of the “ostfriesischen” wind power pioneers. With the founding of ENOVA IPP, the wind region is expanding its business model at its new location in Hamburg.
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About EWE:
As an innovative service provider, EWE is active in the fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology. The EWE Group combines its expertise in these areas to design a smart and efficient energy transition and to offer optimal solutions for its customers. In doing so, EWE focuses on partnerships, new markets and grabs the chance of digitalization. With more than 9000 employees and sales of EUR 7.6 billion in 2016, EWE is one of the largest energy companies in Germany.
The company, headquartered in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, is predominantly in municipal hands. It supplies the northwest of Germany, Brandenburg and the island Rügen, as well as internationally in parts of Poland and Turkey over 1.3 million customers with electricity, 1.8 million with natural gas and around 780000 with telecommunication services. For this purpose, various companies of the EWE Group operate about 205000 kilometers of energy and telecommunication networks. In the coming years, EWE will invest more than EUR 1.2 billion in an extensive fiber-optic expansion, creating the basis for the digitalization of the Northwest.
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Start of the repowering of the wind park Düddingen

Here we go!: The first construction work of the wind farm Düddingen in the district of Wesermarsch began on schedule in mid-march. The four older NEG Micon NM 1500-64 wind turbines from 2000 will be repowered by four new Enercon E-70 E4 wind turbines, each with a power output of 2.3 MW. The expected commissioning of the new plants is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

With a hub height of 64 meters and a rotor diameter of 71 meters, the new wind turbines reach a total height of approx. 100 meters. They will produce more than 15,142,000 kWh of electricity per year. This is enough to supply just under 4000 households with renewable energy and save 9000 tons of CO2.