The wind is what drives us.

When physicist Helmuth A.Brümmer founded ENOVA in 1989, he demonstrated one thing in particular: vision. Even then, he was consistently set on the development of sustainable solutions and the protection of the environment, and he placed these maxims at the core of his actions. Success proved him right: Today, ENOVA is one of the oldest and most experienced German project development firms in the field of renewable energy. A pioneer of wind energy. ENOVA plans, implements, and manages renewable wind energy projects, whether on land or on the water. From the first draft during the authorization phase to the commissioning of a wind turbine or wind farm, we provide our partners with competent and reliable support. During the entirety of the operation, we take care of technical and commercial management. Following the vision of our founder, no goal is too large when it comes to the sustainable use of renewable energy. We are not afraid of new methods. The big step from land to water is proof of this; the RIFFGAT Offshore Wind Farm, which was implemented in cooperation with EWE AG, is our best reference. Along the way, ENOVA has evolved: from pioneer to industry leader.

In 2017, the company ENOVA Service was founded, which covers another important component of the value chain in the wind sector with the maintenance and repair of ENERCON wind turbines. Find more about this on our website

The company ENOVA IPP manages our wind farm portfolio. Our portfolio will be steadily expanded through acquisitions of old and new wind farms as well as the realization of self-developed new projects.

Our team

ENOVA has grown cautiously but steadily. Out of a two-man operation, a corporate group with 40 employees and counting has developed over 30 years – and it’s still growing. A qualified team of engineers and businessmen deal with renewable challenges of the present and the future with competence and reliability. With their collective experience, our long-time staff posess extensive knowledge that is passed down to younger colleagues. This expertise is complemented through cooperation with powerful project partners such as large German wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies, construction companies, banks, shipping companies, consulting firms, and more.