Our conviction

Rather than gushing a lot of wind, we make use of it

There is a saying that goes thus: “When the winds of change blow, some build walls whilst others build windmills.” It would be hard to sum up the way we work more aptly in a single sentence. Not only have we managed to adapt to circumstances in a market subject to constant change in recent years, we have actually derived strength from those circumstances. We have tapped new areas of business with an agility and sense of purpose that have placed our company on a far broader footing.

We are convinced that, given the right amount of self-belief and a peerless performance portfolio, it is possible to achieve an efficacy that consistently harnesses the positives in any changes that happen. This is an approach that has enabled us to keep one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Protecting the environment and the climate whilst developing sustainable solutions have been central to our corporate philosophy ever since we were formed. Growth at any cost and short-term yield targets have no place in our group of companies. Prudence, continuity and sustainability always take precedence over that which comes quickly.

East Frisia is our home

We regard ourselves as part of a regional community and are aware of our social responsibilities. That’s why we get involved locally: a great many societies, campaigns and schools are able, with our support, to do great things for the region and make living there even more appealing as a result.

Promoting the interests of young people is particularly dear to ENOVA’s heart, whether it be through teaching material or improved catering in schools, youth work in churches or support for sports clubs. Youth football teams, for instance, are kitted out with jerseys and clubs are afforded support when procuring team vehicles. Regional sports clubs have received grants for the modernisation and extension of playing facilities.