Our mission

We started out in 1989 as straightforward wind-power project planners. We have since spread our wings widely within a sector that has grown steadily and become increasingly complex as a result. Our activities embrace every aspect of wind power – and have led to our setting a cycle of value creation in motion that renders us truly unique.

As a family enterprise, we are nevertheless small and fleet of foot and are always intent on ensuring that all of our strengths can create values and generate growth independently of each other. When they join forces, though, their impact is immense – and they are frequently a step ahead of the market in the process.

Sustainability, solidity, safety – ENOVA creates values. Not just for the environment but also for our investors. Here, too, ENOVA is a byword for reliability: the quality of our planning is mirrored to the full in the gains made by our investors.

True to the vision of our founder, no goal is too great for us when it comes to the sustainable use of regenerative energies. That’s why we are not afraid to tread new paths. The leap from land to water is eloquent proof of this: the RIFFGAT Offshore Wind Park that we were able to complete in tandem with EWE AG is our finest reference in this respect.