‘Ostfriesen’ grow up with wind power. That’s why we understand it so well.

For thousands of years people have harnessed the power of wind. What would Columbus have been without wind in his sails? Wind is a driving force that never subsides. The production of electricity from wind turbines belongs to both the present and future.

A lot has happened in wind technology over the last few years, and it will continue to evolve in the coming years. Since the year 2000, the capacity of installed wind power has increased more than fivefold – and continues to rise.

At ENOVA, we are part of it! More than that: as industry pioneers, we are leading the charge. We call the East Frisian coast our home. From here, we plan, design, and implement renewable energy projects throughout Germany. We have already initiated and implemented around 250 megawatts of power! In addition, we supervise the operation of the wind turbines with our operations management and, in addition, through our affiliate ENOVA Service, offer the maintenance and repair of gearless wind turbines.

Future projects: Wind energy 2.0

In light of our roots, we try to maintain best practice while simultaneously finding the most reliable and sustainable way into the future. This lies both in the production of clean energy from wind and sun as well as in its transport and storage. Our goal is to bring energy production and consumption together into a meaningful, consistant, and lasting unison.