Investments with a solid foundation.

Environmental and climate protection, as well as the development of sustainable solutions, have stood at the heart of our company since its foundation. Growth at any cost and short-term profit targets have no place with us. Care, continuity, and sustainability are always more important than speed.

Headquarters in an old manor house

Just as our actions reflect continuity, so do our headquarters, which are located in a manor built in 1887. Helmuth A. Brümmer acquired the property in Bunderhee in 1996 and had it renovated, so that today about 40 workers can enjoy a modern working environment. By opting for the rehabilitation, not only a beautiful building but a piece of community history has been preserved. The work was recognized with an award at the “Day of Architecture,” and thanks to the rooftop photovoltaic system, we won the 1999 competition “Innovative solar projects in Lower Saxony.”

Investments with a stable return

Sustainability, solidity, security – ENOVA creates value. Not only for the environment, but also for our investors – we are single-handedly organizing the financing of our wind farms. About 1,000 individuals have entrusted their money to us in the form of shareholding in recent years. Together with other investors and banks, they have enabled ecologically clean power production, which pays off in the form of stable returns. Once again, ENOVA stands for reliability: the quality of our planning is reflected as profit for our investors.

Regional committment

East Friesland is our home. And home means much more to us than just economic success. We see ourselves as part of a regional community and are aware of our social responsibility. We are therefore locally engaged: many associations, initiatives, and schools are able to achieve great things due to our support in the region, making it an even better place to live.

Whether through learning materials or improved meals for schools, youth work in churches or support of local sports clubs: youth development is especially important to ENOVA. Youth football teams, for example, are equipped with jerseys, and leagues are supported through the purchase of team vehicles. Local sports clubs are funded through the modernization and expansion of sports facilities. At the local riding club, ENOVA has sponsored a youth tournament for the past eight years. The ENOVA Cup is firmly established in the events calendar of young riders.

The commitment of ENOVA to environmental and historical preservation remains consistent. ENOVA is an active supporter of the first nationwide agricultural conservation association “Rheiderländer March.”