30 years ENOVA – From pioneer to industry leader

A company’s history lives in its milestones. In 1989, ENOVA Energy Systems GmbH & Co. KG was co-founded in Leer, East Friesland, by physicist Helmuth A. Brümmer, who has been working in wind energy since 1984. Over the following years, ENOVA became a pioneer and innovator in the field of renewable energy. Today, the company is one of the oldest and most experienced German project developers. In its 30-year history, ENOVA has developed naturally: from pioneer to industry leader!


is founded

Helmuth A. Brümmer founds ENOVA Energy Systems GmbH & Co. KG together with a partner (stepped down in 1998). The company is initially located in Leer. Already then, the physicist places consistent emphasis on the protection of the environment and the development of sustainable solutions for energy production. Today, ENOVA is one of the oldest and most experienced German project developers.


First wind
measuring mast

As part of the "Scientific Measurement and Evaluation Program," ENOVA sets up its first wind measuring mast in the district of Leer.


First wind turbine
in Terborg

The first ENOVA wind power plant was connected to the grid in Terborg. It is 30 meters high and has a capacity of 250 kilowatts.


PV plant

As part of the federal "1,000 Roofs Program," ENOVA develops a photovoltaic system, which is installed on a private house in East Frisia.


The first
wind farm

Ten 50-meter-high wind turbines make up the first ENOVA wind farm in Holtgaste, which is connected to the grid in 1995. It is the first wind farm in the district of Leer and has a total capacity of 6 MW.


New headquarters: Bunderhee

After ten years of corporate history, ENOVA relocates its headquarters from Leer to a converted farm in Bunderhee.


Entry into the multi-megawatt class

The first multi-megawatt wind farm is put into operation in Meppen. ENOVA serves as general contractor for the wind farm and carries out the financing with, among others, a mutual fund, as with many other onshore projects. The six 98 meter high turbines have a total rated output of 10.8 MW.


Expansion to Greece

ENOVA becomes active beyond its East Frisian home and is now operating nationwide. In 2003, the commitment becomes international: "ENOVA Hellas Wind Energy AE" is founded in the Greek capital of Athens.


Acquisition of "Innogy Nordsee 1"

The "ENOVA Offshore Northsea Windpower 3" project is taken over by RWE in together with the closure of a project development agreement. "Northsea Wind Power 3" thus becomes "RWE Innogy Nordsee 1."


nearshore system

The then world's largest nearshore wind turbine has an installed capacity of 4.5 megawatts! The operator is the EWE AG.


Bunderhee wind farm is built

Located directly behind the company headquarters, the Bunderhee wind farm is built. The nine 98 meter high wind turbines have an installed capacity of 20.7 MW. The wind farm connects to the grid in 2005.


Offshore funds are successfully set up

Delta Nordsee 1 and Delta Nordsee 2 – that’s what the two offshore wind farms are called, which were being planned by ENOVA since 2001. In 2006, the project rights were sold to a subsidiary of E.ON AG, which will implement the offshore wind farms in the coming years. To this purpose, two offshore funds are successfully set up. A total of 80 wind turbines have been approved with a total capacity of 480 megawatts (MW).


Estate restoration
Forty ENOVA employees receive a restored farmhouse estate in Bunderhee and find there the best working conditions – with a photovoltaic system on the roof and view of the Bunderhee wind farm!



Through repowering, the energy yield in Holtgaste in the district of Leer more than tripled with half of the number of turbines – the first repowering project of an entire wind farm in the Leer area.


connects to the grid

With the commissioning Riffgat, the first commercial offshore wind farm in the German North Sea is connected to the grid. A total of 30 wind turbines are able to supply around 120,000 households with renewable energy.


in lower Saxony got tailwind

After putting wind park Börger Ohe (4x Enercon E115) successfully in operation, the approvals for nine more Enercon E115 with a rated power of 3,2 MW was obtained. Thus there is a combined installed power of 40 MW in this area.


Foundation of ENOVA Service

The set-up of ENOVA Service extends the business model with the maintanance and repair of WPP. The precautionary concept has especially the target to improve the performance of existing wind farms. The formation of ENOVA IPP created a long-term partnership with HANSAINVEST. In this partnership HANSAINVEST provides ENOVA IPP with mezzanine capital for the acquisition of wind farms.


Repowering dueddingen
and ENOVA IPP buys more projects

In the onshore sector, ENOVA realizes the project Düddingen (4x E66). Enova IPP and EWE bought the wind farm Hohegaste (4xE101), 70 MW. In the area of wind farm management, the management of 43 EWE wind turbines was taken over. The ENOVA Service Division is 100 MW by the end of the year.