Construction is progressing in Börger

Pleasing news for ENOVA: By the end of 2016 the permits were obtained according to the Federal Immission Control Act for the wind parks Börger Ohe 2 und Breddenberg Ohe.

In addition, the related substation Börger Nord was put into operation in December 2016 with a nominal output of 50 MVA.

For the projects Börger Ohe 2 and Breddenberg Ohe in Emsland planned by ENOVA, the permits were obtained on 23.11.2016 and 15.12.2016 according to the Federal Immission Control Act. Earlier this year, ENOVA had submitted the Federal Immission Control Act applications to the Emsland district.

The wind parks comprise nine wind turbines type E-115 form the manufacturer Enercon placed in the municipalities Börger and Breddenberg, close to the wind park Börger Ohe 1. At the present time, the first construction measures were started, with regard to the access routes and foundation construction of the wind turbines.

In summer 2017, ENOVA is planning the commissioning of these nine wind plants with a respective output of 3 MW and a hub height of 149m in Börger and 122m in Breddenberg.  The completion of the Börger Nord substation in December 2016 ensures the integration of the wind energy into the power grid.  The energy generated in future equals 10 billion battery charges of a commercial smartphone.

In the future, the family-owned company ENOVA will also take over the technical and commercial management of the wind turbines. With our many years of know-how in the field of regenerative energies, we guarantee you successful operation over the entire duration of your wind energy installation.

After successfully placing the public participation for the project Börger Ohe 1 this year, the citizens of the neighbouring regions will again be given the opportunity to participate in the wind farm project Breddenberg Ohe. The project will be published in February on the website Also remarkable is, that ENOVA works due to the project Börger Ohe 2 as general contractor for two local partnerships.