Desire for wind: wind park festival thrilled numerous visitors

On the 1st of September, six companies involved in the wind farm party of Börger had invited to their Windparkfest. (ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH, ENOVA Windpark Börger Ohe 1 GmbH & Co. KG and ENOVA Windpark Börger Ohe 2 GmbH & Co. KG, as well as the energy parks Ohe GmbH & Co. KG, Ohe II GmbH & Co. KG, Sievers Energy GmbH & Co. KG and Ohe GmbH & Co. KG, which are mainly operated by citizen participations). The occasion was the ceremonial opening of the Börger Ohe 1 and 2 wind farms to the public, in which a total of eleven wind turbines will generate around 87,000 MWh of renewable energie each year.

Project participants, regional politicians and public officials as well as property owners gladly accepted the invitation. 

The whole topic of wind energy where praised by Jürgen Ermes, mayor of Börger, as well as Ulrich Janzen, board member of Volksbank Nord, Frauke Reimers of Enercon and Wilhelm Pieper, chairman of the BWE Niedersachsen in their short speeches. The detailed thanks of ENOVA, expressed by Managing Director Helmuth H. Brümmer, was shared by all those involved in the project, specifically the district, the municipality, the landowners, the manufacturers and suppliers and its employees: “Thanks to the commitment of each individual, many kWh of clean energy are generated” said the company founder, who is currently launching another company with ENOVA Service GmbH. The independent wind turbine service provider started operating the same day. CEO Dirk Warnecke: “We have successfully resolved the first disruption, and we are glad that the energy is flowing again.”
And as befits a proper celebration, the appropriate entertainment was not missing: a desire for wind was created by a view gondola, which granted a view over the whole wind farms Börger, Börger Ohe 1 and 2 as well as Breddenberg Ohe and the opportunity to visit a wind turbine. Children were able to let off steam on the specially constructed bouncy castle and of course the physical well-being of all guests where taken care of in the large marquee.

To the project:
Since 1999, ENOVA has been active in Börger together with the municipality and acts as general contractor of all wind farms located there. In 2002, the old wind farm Börger was built, which has generated about 245,000MWh regenerative energy since then. In June 2016, the wind farm Börger Ohe 1 with four ENERCON E-115 / 3.0 MW wind turbines was put into operation. Just one year later, the commissioning of Börger Ohe 2 with seven ENERCON E-115 / 3.2 MW. Due to the new and old wind farms, the municipality of Börger contributes decisively to the energy turnaround: Annually a total of about 105,000 MWh of clean electricity is produced. The technical and commercial management of all parks is carried out by ENOVA.