Bunderhee, 12.08.2021

The ENOVA Group was able to expand its wind farm portfolio with a WTG from the pioneering days of wind energy. The ENERCON E-40 5.40 from 1994 was one of the first wind turbines of this type to be erected in Germany.

ENOVA would now like to continue operating this WTG for as long as possible. Thanks to the steady wind in East Frisia and a needs-based maintenance concept from ENOVA Service GmbH, the E-40 can continue to rotate for many more years and thus make an active contribution to the energy transition.

Repowering of this wind turbine is not possible due to the small distances to residential areas in the outskirts, as is the case with so many classic farm turbines. Nevertheless, the E-40 wind turbines are very robustly constructed and can continue to be operated for at least 5-10 years after the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) if wind conditions are good and appropriate maintenance, servicing and operational management are carried out.

“With the acquisition, maintenance and continued operation, we want to create an alternative to the threatened dismantling of the WTGs after the EEG,” says Björn Burau, team leader of the Investment & Asset Management department. “According to a study by Deutsche Windguard, around 12,000 wind turbines will fall out of the EEG in the next 5 years. Of these, around 50% cannot be repowered and must be dismantled if they cannot continue to be operated. Such a dismantling of existing plants must be prevented so that we do not lose the generation capacities necessary for an energy transition. Especially in the windy regions of Germany, we are able to operate older wind turbines for many years to come thanks to appropriate concepts and performance.”

ENOVA therefore intends to acquire further Enercon wind turbines, including the E-40 type, and is now looking for potential sellers.


The ENOVA group of companies, with its headquarters in East Frisia and a branch office in Hamburg, has been developing, realising and managing wind farms in Germany since 1989. The range of services offered by the 40-strong family business extends from the initial project idea, including realisation, through wind farm management and service, to repowering.

All competences flow together in one life cycle through four business areas of the group of companies. The foundation is Project Development & Planning (EPC), which to date can point to 250 MW of successfully realised onshore projects and 1,500 MW of approved offshore projects.

This is complemented by technical and commercial management (TCM), which currently manages around 400 MW for its own and external wind farms across Germany and has launched a data-based asset management software product called

Another important component is the technical maintenance and servicing (ISP) of ENOVA Service. As an independent service provider and specialist for Enercon wind turbines, around 170 turbines from Enercon E-40 to E-92 are currently under contract.

Investment & Asset Management (IAM) ENOVA manages a portfolio of currently over 100 MW. In the last four years, around 20 projects have been successfully acquired and further developed.

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