ENOVA at a glance – Focus on the continued operation after the 15th year of operation

Around 6,000 wind turbines with an output of over 4 gigawatts will be removed from the guaranteed EEG remuneration on 01.01.2021, and further thousands of turbines will follow in the following years. This leads to a high degree of uncertainty for the operators of these turbines.

The ENOVA Group uses the expertise of more than 30 years in the wind energy sector and has flexible solutions for a long-term, economical and also carefree continued operation of wind turbines.

In addition to the former core business, project planning, ENOVA has positioned itself as a specialist in the wind energy sector in the last few years with additional business lines focusing on old plants.

ENOVA supports the operators comprehensively in a possible repowering of the old systems. Starting with the first planning steps up to the construction of the new plant. In order to minimize the increased risk of the repowering, ENOVA now also offers joint repowering with the newly founded network company ENOVA Value through a proportionate purchase of the old wind farm shares.

In addition to a proportional purchase of wind farm shares, ENOVA Value also offers the complete takeover of older wind farms. ENOVA has many years of experience in the project business, in technical management and in maintenance and repair. This enables ENOVA to optimise the added value of the wind farms in order to operate them economically even without EEG compensation. Therefore ENOVA Value is able to pay very attractive purchase prices for the old plants.

Not every wind farm is suitable for repowering. The affiliated company ENOVA Service has been servicing Enercon systems since 2017 through predictive and needs-based maintenance and repair. In this way, Enova Service ensures reliable and profitable continued operation of the old systems and prevents unplanned damage and downtimes.

Further information on ENOVA’s focus on the new requirements of the wind industry can be found here.