ENOVA launches manufacturer-independent software for asset managers on the market

Bunderhee, 12.08.2021 ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH has developed a Microsoft-based software solution that allows asset managers to manage all common types of turbines with a digital connection. With the new tool, wind farms can be monitored independently of manufacturer and across portfolios. Whether energy and payment flows, weather forecasts or stock exchange prices: All relevant data is networked and evaluated fully automatically. The software is intuitive to use and can be quickly and comprehensively adapted to individual customer requirements.

“Because we did not find a suitable product on the market that met our requirements, we decided to develop our own solution for cross-portfolio wind farm management. In a unique way, we combine all data in one format. As a wind pioneer with 30 years of experience and as an official Microsoft reseller, we have the necessary know-how,” explains ENOVA’s team leader for technical operations management and IT Miriam Bruns.

Detecting deviations automatically

The programme clearly displays all relevant technical, commercial and financial key figures. In addition to plant data and weather forecasts, this also includes feed-in management calculations. Additional data such as financial models and key figures (DSCR, debt ratio, etc.) as well as detailed forecasts and external stock market data can be flexibly integrated. checks the performance of plants and service providers, identifies potential for improvement and checks whether conditions and deadlines are being met and whether the actual energy production corresponds to the forecast value. Because the programme links all data sources for evaluation in a data model, deviations can be detected automatically.

Faults, power reductions and interruptions in remote monitoring are transmitted to the plant manager. Decisive countermeasures, such as correcting incorrectly operating shade sensors, can be taken more quickly, which reduces yield losses. Maintenance and fault clearance operations can be optimised by uploading the dates, linking them to the forecasts and scheduling the operations on more cost-effective working days, for example. In addition to the technical data, the debt service coverage ratio is displayed so that bottlenecks can be reacted to at an early stage.

Claiming recourse

Historical data, on the other hand, can serve as a basis for recourse claims if, for example, the bat shut-off has failed and one wants to claim the losses.

All data is backed up in the Microsoft Cloud. The interactive reports are made available optionally online, by email or as an app. Because ENOVA continuously adapts the software to changing market conditions, it is always up-to-date.

“Of course, we also use at our own parks,” explains Bruns. One of the first external users is a leading asset manager from Hesse, who uses the tool to manage an 80-megawatt portfolio of 31 plants between Lower Saxony and Bavaria.

A demo version can be requested via ENOVA’s contact form:

About ENOVA:

The ENOVA group of companies, with its headquarters in East Frisia and a branch office in Hamburg, has been developing, realising and managing wind farms in Germany since 1989. The range of services offered by the 40-strong family business extends from the initial project idea, including realisation, through wind farm management and service, to repowering.

All competences flow together in one life cycle through four business areas of the group of companies. The foundation is Project Development & Planning (EPC), which to date can point to 250 MW of successfully realised onshore projects and 1,500 MW of approved offshore projects.

This is complemented by technical and commercial management (TCM), which currently manages around 400 MW for its own and external wind farms across Germany and has launched a data-based asset management software product called

Another important component is the technical maintenance and servicing (ISP) of ENOVA Service. As an independent service provider and specialist for Enercon wind turbines, around 170 turbines ranging from an Enercon E-40 to an E-92 are currently under contract.

In addition to ENOVA Value, Investment & Asset Management (IAM) also manages ENOVA IPP, in which ENOVA holds its own portfolio. In the last four years, around 20 projects have been successfully acquired and further developed.

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