ENOVA takes over the technical management of 43 wind turbines from the EWE portfolio

At the beginning of 2018 ENOVA took over the technical management of 71 MW of the portfolio of the EWE AG. In the tender ENOVA prevailed against a large number of competitors. “We are very pleased. Being able to use our know-how to increase the performance of the EWE portfolio is great,” says Ralf Brinkema, Head of Technical Operations Management.
The wind farms will be transferred in two stages. By January 2018, 44 MW will be taken over by ENOVA, followed by another 27 MW in July 2018. The portfolio contains among others 1x ENERCON E112 with 4.5 MW, 1x E112 with 6 MW and 1x E126 with 7.58 MW.
About one year ago, ENOVA reorganized its operations management. Over the year, 19 wind turbines with a total capacity of 60 MW have already been added to the portfolio.
The acquisition of the EWE portfolio now underlines the successful realignment. Just in time for the turn of the year, ENOVA’s management breaks the 250 MW barrier.
The special features of the ENOVA management are e.g. the use of independent monitoring software, the absorption of operator obligations, short reaction times and the theoretical as well as the practical skills of the employees. In particular, the practical experience of the technicians on ENERCON wind turbines ensures a balanced relationship between operator and manufacturer/ service provider.

Since early 2017, ENOVA’s smart wind farm management offers a lean management with a focus on yield optimization, lifetime extension and compliance. Also worth highlighting is the need-based compilation of ENOVA service packages and modules: a small, smart package that only contains services that are necessary for a maximum energy output.
A “save package” that secures the operator and in which services in the area of occupational safety or plant inspections are taken over. Last but not least there are various extra modules that help the costumer to simplify the operation of the wind farm when needed, to better evaluate the performance and to make better decisions. Brinkema: “With these service packages, we can map every individual customer request at attractive conditions.”

About ENOVA:

The ENOVA Group is operating as a family business since 1989 in the area of renewable energies. As an innovative pioneer with 30 employees, ENOVA develops, realizes and supports wind energy projects on shore and off shore. The services range from project initiation and realization to wind farm management, repowering and maintenance. As a comprehensive project developer and energy service provider, ENOVA offers complete packages for operators and investors for the energy source wind. Nationwide cooperation with energy providers, municipals and forest administration see the reliability and know-how of the “ostfriesischen” wind power pioneers. With the founding of ENOVA IPP, the wind region is expanding its business model at its new location in Hamburg.
More information at: www.enova.de

About EWE:

As an innovative service provider, EWE is active in the fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology. The EWE Group combines its expertise in these areas to design a smart and efficient energy transition and to offer optimal solutions for its customers. In doing so, EWE focuses on partnerships, new markets and grabs the chance of digitalization. With more than 9000 employees and sales of EUR 7.6 billion in 2016, EWE is one of the largest energy companies in Germany.

The company, headquartered in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, is predominantly in municipal hands. It supplies the northwest of Germany, Brandenburg and the island Rügen, as well as internationally in parts of Poland and Turkey over 1.3 million customers with electricity, 1.8 million with natural gas and around 780000 with telecommunication services. For this purpose, various companies of the EWE Group operate about 205000 kilometers of energy and telecommunication networks. In the coming years, EWE will invest more than EUR 1.2 billion in an extensive fiber-optic expansion, creating the basis for the digitalization of the Northwest.
Find out more about EWE at www.ewe.de

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