ENOVA Wind Farm Management expands its offer in the fields of CMS (Condition Monitoring System) for gearless wind turbines

Since autumn 2019 ENOVA Wind Farm Management is offering vibration analyses within the scope of condition monitoring. In the course of expiring full maintenance contracts and continued operation of old wind power plants for more than 20 years, the early detection of major damages is an elemantary issue.

“Especially on rolling bearings of gearless wind turbines, harmful influences should be detected before they lead to damages. This enables us to have repairs carried out by the full maintenance contractor before the full maintenance contract ends. This prevents cost-intensive consequential damages and the associated plant failures”, says Technical Wind Farm Manager Ralf Brinkema. The vibration analysis is an essential component in the overall evaluation of a possible further operation of old plants which is superviced by the ENOVA Wind Farm Management. The results allow actuarial questions to be answered and give an estimate of the further operating time. That knowledge is an effective protection against expensive bad investments.