Ensure the continued economic operation with PPAs

ENOVA and MVV close power purchase agreement for 21.6 megawatts in Emsland


Bunderhee, Mannheim April the 20th of 2020. In march the ENOVA business group concluded its first power purchase agreement with the Mannheim-based energy company MVV for two wind farms in Emsland with a total installed capacity of 21.6 megawatts. This power purchase agreement (PPA) secures the continued economic operation of the wind farms for the next three years regardless of fluctuating energy prices.

The 12 wind turbines of the Enercon E-66 type were commissioned in 2000/2001 and will drop out of the state-guaranteed FiT (called EEG-regime) from 2021 on. MVV Trading will use the green electricity volumes to supply municipal utilities and industrial customers. In addition to ensure the continued economic operation of the turbines for the next three years MVV provides an active contribution shaping the Energy Transition 2.0 by supplying green electricity to customers. MVV will purchase the wind power at a constant price until 2023.

Strong partnership

The completion of the PPA is a further step to ensure long-term profitability. Previously, the affiliated company, ENOVA Service GmbH, took over the preventive and corrective maintenance of the wind farm to reduce operating costs. Because older wind turbines do not necessarily need new parts, refurbished, used spare parts are used to reduce costs. The independent service provider keeps availability high with its fast error management and predictive maintenance.

“With MVV we have found a strong partner with whom we want to continue to implement further PPAs in the future,” explains ENOVA Managing Director Hauke ​​Brümmer. He adds: “We make the contracts flexible for our customers and adapt them optimally to the age of the wind turbines and the expected earnings. In combination with the maintenance and servicing by ENOVA Service, carefully planned PPAs offer another instrument for securing long-term operation after the EEG remuneration expires.”

Stefan Sewckow, Managing Director Market of MVV Trading, adds that, thanks to the good market positioning in the municipal utility and industrial customer segment, MVV has a high level of interest in the new agreed cooperation with ENOVA: “We combine our know-how on the energy markets with the challenges of renewable energy after the end of EEG remuneration. Without the safeguarding and continued operation of such plants, our climate policy goals would not be attainable. ”

About ENOVA:

The ENOVA group is a family business in the wind energy sector since 1989. As an innovative pioneer, the company develops, implements and supports wind energy projects on land and at sea. The range of services extends from the first project idea through wind farm management to repowering. ENOVA’s focus is particularly on systems from the 15th year of operation. In addition to technical and commercial management, ENOVA’s wind farm management offers CMS and data-based evaluations in order to identify weaknesses at an early stage. The affiliated company, ENOVA Service GmbH, founded in 2017 is a pioneer in the field of independent service and the repair of Enercon wind turbines, and is in charge of approx. 100 wind turbines. ENOVA Value offers solutions in the area of ​​continued operation and / or repowering, which ranges from pure advice to the purchase of old wind farms.

About MVV:

With more than 6,000 employees and a turnover of around 4 billion euros, MVV is one of the leading energy companies in Germany. At the center of our actions is the reliable, economical and environmentally friendly energy supply for our customers from industry, trade and private households. Your individual needs and expectations are our incentive when developing innovative products and business models. We occupy all stages of the energy value chain: from energy generation, energy trading and distribution, through the operation of distribution networks to sales, the environmental business and the energy services business. With our corporate strategy, we consistently focus on the expansion of renewable energies, the strengthening of energy efficiency and the further expansion of highly efficient combined heat and power and environmentally friendly district heating. In addition, we invest in the future viability of our networks and in the modernization of our generation-plants. In everything we do, we can count on the grown competence and know-how of our employees.

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