From pioneer to industry leader: ENOVA in 25 years

“Wind is what drives us.” – This phrase describes ENOVA, the East Frisian company based in Bunderhee, like no other. Founded in 1989 by Helmuth A. Brümmer, the wind energy project developers and service providers look back on 25 years of history today. The anniversary is celebrated not only with an event on September 26, but with a completely new corporate design.

Vision from the beginning

When physicist Helmuth A.Brümmer founded ENOVA in 1989, he demonstrated one thing in particular: vision. Even then he was consistently set on the development of sustainable solutions and the protection of the environment, and placed these maxims at the core of his actions. Success proved him right: Today, ENOVA is one of the oldest and most experienced German project development firms in the field of renewable energy. A pioneer of wind energy.

ENOVA plans, implements, and manages renewable wind energy projects, whether on land or on the water. From the first draft during approval stage, to handover and commissioning. Around 200 megawatts have already been installed in the Federal Republic of Germany, and many more are planned. Out of a two-man operation, a corporate group with 40 employees and counting has developed over 25 years. The East Frisian company will celebrate this positive development on September 26, with an anniversary event in the riding hall of the Friesian horse breeding farm Brümmer “Der Polderhof” located next to the old manor that houses ENOVA’s headquarters.

Anniversary celebration and new public image

The new corporate design focuses on milestones in the company’s history. On the new website and in the new brochure, the Holtgaste Wind Farm can be found again, which was not only one of the first in its time in Ostfriesland, but also created attention with its extensive repowering in 2012. And of course RIFFGAT – the first commercial offshore wind farm in the German North Sea, implemented by ENOVA together with EWE AG.
Milestones in the company’s history
As a project developer, general contractor, and service provider, ENOVA has planned over the last 25 years numerous onshore projects throughout Germany.
Since 1998, ENOVA has been planning offshore wind farms, and is among the largest offshore project developers in Germany. To date, approval for approximately 1,500 megawatts were obtained and development rights were sold to utilities like EWE, RWE, and E.ON. Further projects are currently in the approval process.
The RIFFGAT Wind Farm, a joint project between EWE AG and ENOVA, has become a milestone in the company’s history. The project was honored this week by the Renewable Energy Cluster Hamburg at the Hamburg Wind Energy Fair with the “German Renewable Award” as “Project of the Year.”
In addition to its own projects, ENOVA is working in partnerships on current and future plans on land. These partnerships for new projects are with public utility and energy companies, mainly in Lower Saxony, Rhineland Palatinate, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia. ENOVA utilizes its offshore experience collected from numerous own projects, as well as the construction of the offshore Riffgat Wind Farm, in its role as a service provider for other projects.

Important targets for the future

Currently, the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption is approximately 30 percent, about a third of which comes from wind power. According to industry projections, renewable energy will cover almost half of Germany’s total electricity needs by the year 2020. The integration of wind energy into the heating market is meaningful, because the potential is twice as large as that of the electricity market. “We are facing the challenges,” said ENOVA’s Managing Director Helmuth A. Brümmer. In photovoltaics as well as for wind power grid integration, the storage of energy as well as the adjustment of energy production and consumption are becoming increasingly important.