Individual performance packages in operational management: Enova takes over the project development and operations management for another 40 MW in Emsland

ENOVA continues to expand its presence in Emsland. Together with the wind turbines built from 2001 to 2004, ENOVA projected and built 66 megawatts of wind energy capacity in Emsland. Last summer, the Börger Ohe 1 wind farm was successfully put into operation. After a construction period of just under nine months, the company from the East Frisian town of Bunderhee completed four ENERCON E-115 plants on schedule and on budget. Since then, the 3 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 149 m and a rotor diameter of 115 m deliver an energy yield of approx. 31 GWh / a and thus cover the annual energy requirement of more than 9,000 households. “ENOVA acted as the general contractor and we are therefore all the more pleased that the implementation of the wind farm has proceeded so smoothly and also in terms of nature conservation. For the first time, we successfully placed public participation in this project in the form of crowdfunding directly via our Internet platform “, explain Managing Directors Hauke Brümmer and Dirk Warnecke.

Two more windfarms in construction

For the wind farms Börger Ohe 2 and Breddenberg-Ohe the permits according to the Federal Immission Control Act were obtained at the end of last year and the parks are currently under construction. Initial construction measures such as access roads and foundations for the nine wind turbines have already been started. In the summer of this year, ENOVA plans to commission the turbines with a rated output of 3.2 MW and a hub height of 149 m in Börger and 122 m in Breddenberg. In these wind farms too, project planning is carried out by ENOVA as the general contractor. With the completion of the substation “Börger Nord”, also planned by ENOVA, in December 2016, the integration of the wind farms into the electricity grid is secured.

Wind farm management for optimal operation and maximum yield

The family-owned company ENOVA has been active in the field of renewable energies since 1989 and is one of the pioneers in the industry. In the future, she will provide her high level of competence in the technical management and commercial management of wind turbines to the wind farms in Börger and Breddenberg.

“For more than 20 years, we have provided business and management services to our customers. We want to offer this experience to further interested parties in the future. “, Says Ralf Brinkema, Head of techn. Management. The new ENOVA concept offers customized customer-specific support for wind farms.

To emphasize is the need-based compilation by means of ENOVA service packages and modules:

A small, smart package that only includes services that are necessary for maximum energy output. A “save package” that secures the operator and in which, above all, services in the area of occupational safety or plant inspections are taken over. And last but not least, various extra services that help the customer to make the operation of the wind farm as simple and transparent as possible. Brinkema: “With these service packages, we can map every individual customer request, and at attractive conditions.”

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