Public participation is successfully placed – thank you for relying on green power

The full placement of the public participation for windfarm Börger Ohe 1 brought a successful year-end closing 2016. Through this public participation initiated by ENOVA many citizens bring a wind of change into lower Saxon Emsland and invest in a green future. Over 60 investors settled their trust in ENOVA and partly financed the Börger Ohe 1 wind farm with 400.000€.
Since the second quarter of the last year the wind farm feeds-in its generated energy already.

For this pleasant reason we would like to offer you a further public participation in March this year. For more information, please visit our website

Pleasant year-end closing – approval obtained for a repowering project in Weener

Just in time dor the end of 2016, the administrative district of Leer has approved the repowering project according to the Bundesimmisionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG).

On 22 December 2016 the licensing procedure was completed and positively approved by the county’s emission control authority. ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH was commissioned by Hebu Windkraft GmbH & Co. KG to plan and implement the repowering of the old Vestas 66 plant in the industrial area of Weener. The old plant of the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas will be replaced by a more efficient new Enercon E-92 system. With a hub height of 85 m and a rotor diameter of 92 m, the rated output can be increased from 1.65 MW to 2.35 MW.  Concurrent with the start of 2017 the foundation construction and the installation of improvements can be started. This year, commissioning is planned.

For ENOVA this is already the second repowering of a wind turbine in the industrial area of Weener. In the immediate vicinity, ENOVA has at the end of 2015 put into operation an Enercon E101 for the Klingele paper mill.

Construction is progressing in Börger

Pleasing news for ENOVA: By the end of 2016 the permits were obtained according to the Federal Immission Control Act for the wind parks Börger Ohe 2 und Breddenberg Ohe.

In addition, the related substation Börger Nord was put into operation in December 2016 with a nominal output of 50 MVA.

For the projects Börger Ohe 2 and Breddenberg Ohe in Emsland planned by ENOVA, the permits were obtained on 23.11.2016 and 15.12.2016 according to the Federal Immission Control Act. Earlier this year, ENOVA had submitted the Federal Immission Control Act applications to the Emsland district.

The wind parks comprise nine wind turbines type E-115 form the manufacturer Enercon placed in the municipalities Börger and Breddenberg, close to the wind park Börger Ohe 1. At the present time, the first construction measures were started, with regard to the access routes and foundation construction of the wind turbines.

In summer 2017, ENOVA is planning the commissioning of these nine wind plants with a respective output of 3 MW and a hub height of 149m in Börger and 122m in Breddenberg.  The completion of the Börger Nord substation in December 2016 ensures the integration of the wind energy into the power grid.  The energy generated in future equals 10 billion battery charges of a commercial smartphone.

In the future, the family-owned company ENOVA will also take over the technical and commercial management of the wind turbines. With our many years of know-how in the field of regenerative energies, we guarantee you successful operation over the entire duration of your wind energy installation.

After successfully placing the public participation for the project Börger Ohe 1 this year, the citizens of the neighbouring regions will again be given the opportunity to participate in the wind farm project Breddenberg Ohe. The project will be published in February on the website Also remarkable is, that ENOVA works due to the project Börger Ohe 2 as general contractor for two local partnerships.


Construction phase for 2 wind turbines of the type Enercon E82 is commissioned. Enova acts as a service provider for the Stadtwerke Neuss.

The approval was already given in January 2015. However, the approval was legally fought against by a citizens group. Only in the second instance and one-and-a-half-year duration of proceedings the approval was feasible in the obtained form. Without further delay the execution planning and the appropriate construction execution started.

Current state: access road is constructed. Fundament pit and fundaments are built. Crane assembling for the tower building is planned for KW 40.

Until then the civil engineering measures will be finished. The laying of the cable route will happen parallel to the construction of the wind turbine.

The goal to put into operation with both wind turbines at the end of the year is ensured according to the current planning stage ENOVA is in charge of the surveillance of all construction end the appropriate interface management.


E112 Nearshore – ENOVA received order for approval planning.

Within the scope of a service for the nearshore WEA Enercon E112 in Emden, ENOVA was commissioned with the approval planning for the provision of a crane pontoon on the water side and corresponding preparatory measures.

As ENOVA was already in charge of planning the approval as part of the construction of the WEA subject of the application, the available services were used for the approval planning of the upcoming service on the existing know-how of ENOVA.

All the requisite applications and all the necessary authorizations have been duly obtained, despite the tight schedule, thanks to ENOVA’s experience and close contact with the parties involved in the procedure.

Meanwhile, the service intervention on the wind turbine has been successfully realized.

Commisioning Börger Ohe 1

In June of this year, the project Börger Ohe 1 was successfully put into operation. After almost nine months of construction, the ENERCON E115 plant was completed on schedule and on budget.

With a hub height of 149 m and a rotor diameter of 115 m we supply the 3MW wind turbines with an energy amount of approx. 31 GWh/a and cover the annual energy requirement of more than 9000 households. The facilities are located between the towns of Börger and Breddenberg in Emsland.

The first sod was celebrated in Gemünden

The approval phase has been completed – at the end of May, the first ground-breaking ceremony for the seven wind turbines of the new Gemünden wind farm followed. In the coming months, four plants will be built in the city forest of Gemünden and three more in the district of Schiffelbach. The 35 million euro wind farm in the Waldeck Frankenberg district of Hesse is operated by “Windpark Gemünden GmbH”, a subsidiary of VEW.

“We are pleased as a county also with the city of Gemünden and the forest owners, that the construction of the plant can now be started”, said district administrator Dr. med. Reinhard Kubat during the ceremony for the groundbreaking ceremony. He greeted the start of construction together with his mayor Frank Gleim. With the new wind farm, Gemünden can make a contribution towards renewable energies away from fossil fuels. “I’m very proud of that,” says mayor Frank Gleim, who is confident that the city will benefit in the long term.

Each plant will have a height of almost 200 meters with a rotor diameter of 117 meters. The generating capacity of a plant is 2.4 megawatts – so the park has a total output of 16.8 megawatts. The generated energy should be fed into the power grid.

The inauguration of the wind farm is scheduled to take place this fall. On 9 December, the commissioning of the last wind turbine is planned. ENOVA accompanies the project from the beginning. So ENOVA was involved in the determination of the basics, the allocation of wind turbines and the obtaining of the BImSchG.

Ensure strong returns with citizen participation

The energy transition is in full swing. As more and more people want to be part of it, ENOVA now enables citizen participation in the wind farm Börger-Ohe 1.

ENOVA is currently building four wind turbines northeast of the center of Börger in the municipality of Sögel in the state of Sölden. Two of them will be operated by ENOVA in the future and offer interested citizens the opportunity to participate financially in clean energy. The two ENERCON E-115s each have a capacity of 3 MW – in figures this means an output of approx. 15.4 million KWh per year, enough for approx. 4,000 households! And in words: ecological, sustainable power generation, in which every interested party participates.

In the case of investing in the green future, the returns are also worth money if successful: with a yield of 3.75% p.a. – and that from an investment of 500 euros.

Registration for this innovative form of investment is simple and unbureaucratic and works exclusively through the ENOVA website Simply register and invest in a proven wind power site in clean and efficient energy production! On the page you will find all the information about the project citizen participation in the wind farm Börger-Ohe 1.

ENOVA new shareholder of GESY

The direct marketing cooperation GESY Green Energy Systems GmbH (GESY) has won three new shareholders, increasing its shareholder base to a total of 16 partners. As a direct marketing partner for renewable energies in Germany, GESY offers a long-term, profitable concept for direct marketing and develops products and business models to master future challenges and exploit the opportunities offered by the energy transition.

The three new GESY shareholders are among the pioneers of the renewable energy sector in project development as well as in the commercial and technical operation of renewable energy plants. With the project developer ENOVA Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG from Bunde, a proven onshore and offshore wind specialist has joined the circle of shareholders. Another major project developer and operator of wind turbines, BOREAS Energie GmbH from Dresden has participated in GESY. Psm Nature Power Service & Management GmbH & Co. KG has become a full partner for the commercial and technical operation of renewable energy plants in Erkelenz, NRW.

“Our wide range of marketing experiences across all renewable forms of generation is repeatedly emphasized by our new and existing shareholders as a key competitive advantage in the collaboration,” explains Imber. In addition, the partnership and corporate law sealed exclusive cooperation with the Stadtwerke Trianel cooperation is crucial.

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It´s going forward in Börger-Ohe!

Stage goal achieved: On 17 December last year, the last of the four foundations of the Börger-Ohe 1 wind farm in Emsland was completed! Good prospects for a smooth further project execution: Also the approval according to BlmSchG was granted in December. The partial permit for the construction of access roads and foundations was already available at this time; Start of the construction was already in November 2015.
In the municipality of Sögel in the state of Sölden four ENERCON E-115 with 3 MW each will be erected, which together generate an output of approx. 34,000,000 kWh per year – enough for approx. 8,500 households! Half of the four wind turbines are operated by landowners and ENOVA; Commissioning is planned for the summer of this year at the latest.