Wind turbine No. 1000 of Hessen is put into operation

At the beginning of 2017, seven Nordex N117 turbines were put into operation in Gemünden. These plants have a 141-meter-high hybrid tower. It is built octagonal in the lower part and consists of modularly assembled reinforced concrete elements. This design has the advantage that less surface had to be cleared during construction. The rotor diameter is 117 meters. The generating capacity is 2.4 MW per installation, so the park has a total capacity of 16.8 MW. With an assumed feed of 44,500 MWh into the grid, up to 12,700 households can be supplied with electricity.

ENOVA has accompanied these facilities as a service provider for the local public utilities until approval. Despite the mountainous and forest-covered terrain, the cooperation ran smoothly. Thus, the thousandth wind energy plant in Hessen, which is part of this wind farm, was successfully erected.