Helte-Teglingen Wind Farm

Located in the Meppen area, near the villages of Helte and Teglingen, this wind farm is an extension of the existing Meppen-Helte and Meppen-Teglingen Wind Farms. The farm consists of two ENERCON E-66/20.70 2000 kW turbines with reinforced concrete towers. The rotor diameters are 70 meters, and the hubs reach a height of 114 meters. With an average payout of 13.8 percent over the lifetime and a cumulative payout of 278.9 percent on the investment amount, this can be considered high capital growth.

» Completion: 2004
» Number of turbines: 2
» Annual energy production: approx. 7.2 million kWh
» Total investment: approx. 4.8 million euros