Large-scale project on the high seas: Hochtief 1-4

The project area of the offshore wind farms Hochtief Offshore Development (HTOD) 1-4 comprises an area of over 300 square kilometers, on which some 340 wind turbines can be built. The wind farm areas are located in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the North Sea, between 160 and 200 kilometers off of the island of Borkum. Since the submission of the application documents at the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) in the summer of 2009, ENOVA has been developing projects in the Central German Bay.

In order to obtain approval, comprehensive, scientific environmental testing that adheres to the standard investigation concepts of the BSH are required. ENOVA has administered these since mid 2010 in the project areas NSWP 4-7. This encompasses the mapping of fish and benthos (micro-organisms in and on the seabed) as well as of birds and marine mammals, which took place using ships and aircrafts. In 2012, parallel site investigations took place. Soil samples were taken and cone penetration tests (CPTs) in the project areas were carried out to determine the sediment layers of the sea bed. Based on these results, initial statements on the sustainability of the seabed could be made.

The partial financing of extensive environmental studies for two of the wind farm areas, NSWP 4 + 5, was carried out by a private equity fund. As silent partners, interested investors had the opportunity to participate in the planning and development costs of offshore wind farms. The project rights of NSWP 4-7 were acquired in March 2012 by Hochtief Offshore Development Solutions S.à.rl.

» Possible total output: 2,700 MW » Number of possible turbines: 345 WEA » Distance to coast: 200 km off the German coast » Water depth: 40-50 meters » Status: in the approval process