In its time, the largest in the world: The first nearshore wind turbine in the Emden harbor area

ENOVA has developed the first nearshore wind turbine in the river Ems, in the Emden harbor area, which was finally built by EWE AG in 2004 after a planning period of about seven years. The Enercon E-112 was the world’s largest wind turbine at the time, with a rotor diameter of 114 meters and a rated output of 4.5 megawatts. The 100-meter-high steel tower was built on the waterside. The foundation is located in a water depth of about three meters. The ENOVA nearshore plant supplies electricity for about 4,200 households.

» Total output: 4.5 megawatts » Number of turbines: 1 » Commissioned: 2004 » 4-person households: 4,200