Lots of space for new energy: Northsea Windpower (NSWP) 8-15

In August 2011, ENOVA filed applications 8-15 with the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency for the new NSWP wind farm areas. The new areas are located about 190 km off the island of Borkum and adjoin directly to the planned offshore wind farms HTOD 1-4. The newly proposed area covers approximately 700 square kilometers. Overall, the construction of approximately 645 plants is planned over eight areas that are between 70 and 80 square kilometers. Depending on the size, the smallest wind farm area (NSWP 14) will have space for about 70 wind turbines. On the largest area (NSWP 10), approximately 90 wind turbines will be installed.

The application documents were already approved for NSWP wind farm areas 8-15 by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) as officially required. The approval process for additional wind farm areas is initiated through the acceptance of these documents.

ENOVA develops a total of 19 projects in the North Sea, covering a total area of over 1,100 square kilometers.

» Possible total output: approx. 6,450 MW » Number of possible sites: 645 WEA » Distance to coast: about 190 km off the German coast » Water depth: 42-48 meters » Status: in the approval process