Double the size, three-times the earnings: Memgaste single turbine

Built in 1992, this turbine is located in Memgaste in the northern district of Leer. Repowering resulted in a threefold increase of the energy yield. The original Micon M 530, with a rated output of 250 kW, a hub height of 30 meters, and a rotor diameter of 26 meters, was replaced by an Enercon E-53. Key I-53 data: rated power of 800 kW, about 73 meter hub height and rotor diameter of 52.9 meters. The annual energy production is now at about 1.8 million kWh, with a 99-percent availability.

» Commissioned: 1992
» Repowering: 2013
» Number of units: 1
» Annual energy production: about 1.8 million kWh