We don’t let our partners stand alone in the wind.

As a project developer and general contractor, ENOVA has planned, designed, and implemented a variety of wind farms completely in-house. We take care of everything from comprehensive pre-planning to approval, construction, and operation of the projects, as well as the related consulting and financing (equity and debt). We have extensive knowledge, a great team, and efficient partners.

Our demanding projects are always planned and implemented with prudent business judgement. This down-to-earth approach together with technical and financial management after comissioning pays off. Our wind farms achieve above-average operational availability and are characterized by solid liquidity in low-wind years.

Our Services


Analysis of potential locations

Feasibility studies

Wind farm configuration

Profitability calculation

Timeline management


Land securing

Design concept of participation and lease model

Public information events

Preparation of contract documents

Lease discussions and negotiations

Blueprint and execution planning

Interface management

Tendering and awarding of contract

Grid connection

Access route

Wind energy plant


Interface management

Expertise (assignment, supervision, evaluation)

Preparation and realization of a scoping appointment

Request for building permit and other approvals

Construction planning F-Plan/B-Plan (zoning plan/development plan)


Bank and investor discussions

Raising of capital

Prospectus creation


Interface management

Construction supervision

Timeline management


Technical operation

Financial operation


Planning and construction supervision

Timeline management

Sale of old turbines

ENOVA as a service provider and cooperation partner

ENOVA operates wind farms nationwide – often as a service provider. We work together with the utility provider Waldeck-Frankfenberg (EFW) and the Verbands-Energiewerk Gesellschaft für Erneuerbare Energien mbH (WEW) for the wind farms Gemünden and Langeberg, Neuss and Limburg. We’re also in high demand as a cooperation partner: we’re currently working closely with partners such as EVM (Energy Power Supply Middle-Rhine) Thüga (Thüga Renewable Energy GmbH & Co. KG), and SWK (Kaiserslautern Public Services) towards the realization of the Kaiserslautern Wind Farm.
ENOVA also projects in complex and technically challenging terrain, such as forest areas. The development contract for a wind farm project in Hillekopf (upper Sauerland) was granted by the State Forestry Administration of North Rhine-Westphalia through a tendering process. Approximately 20 project developers nationwide participated in the bidding. The bid was won by ENOVA. With the assignment of the contract, the group carries out the planning for another wind farm in a wooded area. The predominantly forested areas in North Rhine-Westphalia are located around the approximately 805 meter high mountain Hillekopf in the northern part of the Rothaargebirge.

Around 250 MW of installed capacity are currently in the planning stage.