Who was a pioneer in energy generation by the turn of the millennium, has now the possibility of forcing his leadership once again. Through repowering, your long-established locations will be given fresh air. For the future of wind energy is not only in the development of new sites on land or offshore, but especially in repowering: the exchange of older wind turbines against new, more efficient and more economical plants. Wind parks, which have earned renewable energy for more than a decade, will be even more profitable by Enova-repowering and bring your site to a multiple of its performance.

our services


      • strategic consulting
      • greenfield development
      • outright planning & implementation of wind energy projects through all performance phases of the HOAI up to turnkey delivery
      • short-term tests (due diligence) of market offered or otherwise pre-developed projects regarding its technical or economical quality
      • comprehensive consulting in the field of direct marketing of renewable energies

identification of the project area

      • professional potential area analysis (PFA) for determination of suitable sites in the investigation area (own sites, communal area, supply area, district, ..)
      • feasibility studies on proposed potential sites (public tenders, offers by private owners)

space planning

    • creation of a park layout on already identified areas
    • pre-evaluation of sound, shadow, revenue & further influencing factors
    • assessment of existing reports on nature- or species protection
    • economic calculations
    • feasibility studies (economic/ technical) for already identified own areas
    • schedule management, setting up or verifying an anticipated schedule
    • photomontages

securing areas

              • obtaining ALK / ALB data, as far as legally possible
              • concept design of participation- & lease model
              • professional technical support for citizen information requests
              • preparation of contract documents
              • lease negotiations until completion

approval schedule

      • interface management
      • providing & support of all necessary reports (nature-, species protection, landscape, noise protection, shadow, soil analysis, ice throw, …)
      • preparation & execution of a scoping appointment
      • compilation of BImSchG (Federal immission law) applications & further approvals
      • accompanying the land-use-planning, F-Plan & B-Plan


    • ccompanying the banking discussions
    • raising capital
    • accompanying the prospectus

grid connection

    • application for mains connection
    • area protection for grid connection
    • interface management between plant manufacturer, power supplier, certifier


  • interface management
  • first access studies

wind turbine

  • interface management
  • tendering


  • supervision of construction (concept proposals for deviation & problems)
  • schedule Management


    • technical & commercial operational management


  • planning & construction supervision
  • schedule management
  • sale of old equipment