We’ll get your old mill going again.

In 2012, ten old wind turbines were replaced by five new and more powerful ones on the Holtgaste Wind Farm. With the modern and more efficient Enercon E-101 systems, cutting the number of systems in half can almost quadruple the energy yield.

Even with single units we were able to achieve an increase in efficiency: In 2004, we conducted the first repowering action in the district of Leer. After the replacement of a 400 kilowatt turbine for a two megawatt plant, the output increased by a factor of seven.

In Memgaste we were able to achieve a six-fold increase in energy yield by repowering a wind turbine built in 1992. Countless more wind turbines can be made far more efficient through our repowering. The potential is huge!

Repowering as a service provider

The Heerenweg Wind Farm has a special place among the ENOVA repowering projects: Repowering is performed here by the land owners (farmers). ENOVA is purely a service provider for the building permit and cable lines (here: technical planning and property negotiations). At the Heerenweg Wind Farm, nine “Enercon E-40” wind turbines are to be replaced by six “Senvion M114” turbines.