Output times seven: Repowering is our forte

A single wind turbine on land – depending on location and technology – can now produce the electricity for about 4,000 households. Today’s systems are up to 25 times more efficient than those from 25 years ago. We see the future of wind energy not only in new wind farms on land or at sea, but also in repowering: the replacement of older wind turbines with new, more powerful models. Today, repowering forms an essential part of ENOVA’s core business.

Our services


Analysis of potential locations

Feasibility studies

Wind farm configuration

Profitability calculation

Timeline management


Land securing

Design concept of participation and lease model

Public information events

Preparation of contract documents

Lease discussions and negotiations

Blueprint and execution planning

Interface management

Tendering and awarding of contract

Grid connection

Access route

Wind energy plant


Interface management

Expertise (assignment, supervision, evaluation)

Preparation and realization of a scoping appointment

Request for building permit and other approvals

Construction planning F-Plan/B-Plan (zoning plan/development plan)


Bank and investor discussions

Raising of capital

Prospectus creation


Interface management

Construction supervision

Timeline management


Technical operation

Financial operation


Planning and construction supervision

Timeline management

Sale of old turbines