We make your calculations fit – with our commercial business management.

In terms of numbers, data and facts you can count on ENOVA. We have an experience of many years in various financing and fund structures as well as (our) good networking. This enables us to be your reliable partner in the commercial management.
We take care of your financial needs, the management of your fund and many other tasks in the fields of bookkeeping & accounting, controlling & reporting and communication with stakeholders.

A precise listing of our services and performance packages you can find in the box below.

All performance packages at a glance

  • simply smart: the foundation for an efficient commercial business management
  • preparative accounting
  • payments and bank account management
  • checking of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • energy-revenue-verification
  • management of outstanding debits
  • commercial monthly reports
  • proactive customer support; E.g. Information on extraordinary transactions
  • management of documents
  • smart and safe: includes in addition to the e smart services a holistic commercial support
  • handling the feed-in management
  • advising and/or implementation of direct marketing
  • lease management
  • planning of liquidity
  • contract monitoring
  • extensive quarterly and annual reports
  • insurance management
  • coordination and revision of the EEG certificate for increased initial remuneration
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  • extra efficient: further modules for specific commercial requirements
  • + accounting, annual accounts and auditing in cooperation with external tax consultants
  • + limited Partner Management, E.g. providing an online Platform
  • + organization and conduction of shareholders’ meetings
  • + organization and conduction of the Advisory Board
  • + revenue and cost pooling
  • + claim management
  • proactive customer support; E.g. Information on extraordinary transactions
  • management of documents

With e smart, you can receive basis services for a small amount of costs. The smart choice for low operating costs.

Document management

The standardized ENOVA document management builds the foundation for value retention till disinvestment phase. This area is often neglected – our system offers structure, reliability and efficiency.


Prior to the actual documentation, all invoices are checked on the basis of quotation, order or databank, both objectively and computationally. In the next step, we implement the payment transaction in due time and keep your bank accounts. Of course, our team also checks the calculation of the energy yield and compares it to our software-based evaluation from the technical management.

Preparing Accounting

This is what our preparatory bookkeeping is based on: We prepare the data in chronological order and incorporate them into the workflow – so you always have an overview of your receivables and liabilities. Therefore, the transfer to our or an external department is uncomplicated and efficient. Our team then performs receivables management by monitoring payment receipts and open items and, if necessary, issues reminders.


The package is rounded off by our investor reporting and our proactive customer support. We prepare commercial monthly reports and keep you informed about all essentials – especially about extraordinary business transactions.

Our holistic approach to business management is reflected in the e Save package. In addition to all services from the e Smart package, the lease management and the consulting and implementing of direct marketing, you will get advanced controlling services such as project budgeting, variance analyses and liquidity planning.

Lease Management

Lease Management is the first major service component. Our holistic approach is immediately apparent: we not only maintain the standing data of the land owners and calculate and pay out the leasehold, but also ensure a consistently good relationship between the operator and the land owner.

Direct marketing

Because of our plant pool, we are able to negotiate good prices for direct marketing. We are also well informed about the latest developments through our participation in the direct marketing company Gesy. This is how we achieve the best possible marketing of your electrical energy.

Liquidity planning

One concept, plenty results. Our specially developed ENOVA planning tool allows an optimal liquidity profile. We create a project budget plan once a year. In doing so, we draw on past experience in order to forecast the energy yield and analyse the different types of costs. On the basis of this forecast, we compile monthly target-performance comparisons and take measures in case of negative schedule meanderings. We always focus on liquidity and act foresighted. We would be pleased to advise you on liquidity surplus to the best possible strategy, taking into account the financing conditions.

Contract monitoring

Genau da setzt unsere nächste Leistung an. Mit unserer Vertragsüberwachung wissen wir, welche Rechte, Pflichten und Chancen Finanzierungverträge mit sich bringen. Ebenso kommen wir der sich daraus ergebenden Reporting-Pflicht nach. Und sollte es einmal nicht so laufen wie geplant, stimmen wir die Maßnahmen mit Ihrer Bank ab. Natürlich haben wir über den Finanzierungsbereich hinaus auch alle anderen Verträge im Blick, beraten bei auslaufenden Verträgen oder werden selbst aktiv.

Initial remuneration

We also coordinate the EEG attestation for increased initial remuneration and then carry out a revision. In the course of the amendment by the EEG 2017, this point is even more important. We have reacted and modelled a preview. With ENOVA, you can save yourself a lot of surprises.

Feed management

Of course, we also take care of the feed-in management. We determine the compensation payments, choose individually between lump sum-, peak settlement- procedures and arrange everything with the responsible ESC. Finally, you will be informed about everything that has happened and (probably) will happen in our extensive quarterly and annual reports.

The modules e extra offer you the possibility to book individual additional services

Limited Partner administration

In addition to the collection of data, the preparation of information on the year, and the management of the distributions, our limited partners’ administration offers an online platform where you always have an overview.

Shareholders meeting

We are pleased to organize and hold your shareholder meeting. We invite, create a presentation, lead record and evaluate votes.


If your wind farm is part of a larger unit, we will take care that the costs and revenues are distributed proportionately.