No worries all around the clock – enabled by our technical operational management

The requirements on technical management of a windfarm are demanding, individual and continually growing. Providing these is not an easy task but ENOVA is well equipped having short response times, using databank based analysis and performing reliable on-site service.
With our 24/7 remote monitoring and on-call service we do keep track of your wind park every time. Thus we take the wind out of any disruption’s sails.

We are not just standing in case of emergency by your side, but rather supporting you whenever we can. Just pick out of our performance packages the suitable bricks and build your individual smart wind park management.

All performance packages at a glance

  • Simply smart: the foundation for an efficient technical operational management
  • software-supported 24/7 remote monitoring and on-call service
  • fault management
  • Coordination of and communication with service companies, network operators and public authorities
  • progress control and monitoring
  • Documentation and running an asset history
  • Monthly technical reports
  • proactive customer support
  • observing of deadlines and coordination of verifications in compliance with the BImSchG-Approval
  • Smart and safe: includes in addition to the e smart services a holistic technical support
  • local error acknowledgement and providing of a park attendant
  • coordination, order handling and control of service and maintenance
  • Regular and visual Control of the wind plant, accesses and compensating surfaces
  • Monitoring of work and operational safety
  • warranty management
  • extensive quarterly and annual reports
  • Profit and loss calculation including feed-in management
  • checking of incoming and outgoing invoices
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  • Extra efficient: further modules for specific technical requirements
  • consulting for continuing operations after 20 years: Repowering vs. continuous operation
  • short- and medium-term forecasting and comprehensive analysis of plant performance
  • Inspection of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • internal network management and planning, handling and execution of switching operations
  • accompanying appraisers
  • Management of compensation and replacement measures
  • coordination, execution and control of the lop
  • observing of deadlines and coordination of verifications in compliance with the BImSchG-Approval

With e smart, you receive exactly the services required for an energetically optimized wind park operation.

Remote control

With our manufacturer-independent software, we monitor your plants and provide the data necessary for a deeper databank based analysis. Finally, your plant should achieve the maximum yield.

Fault management

Our fast fault management ensures short downtimes and informs you about everything crucial. Included is the commissioning of a service team and error analysis as well as the documentation and information.

Coordination and communication

In case of foreseeable interruptions we coordinate and monitor the shutdown and the fast restart. Furthermore, we monitor the maintenance plans and checking intervals. Also we are making sure to meet these intervals. Of course the maintenance inserts are coordinated in such a way as to minimize the loss of income.


The asset history of a wind engine is the connecting element between all involved actors. It covers the holistic view of the plant documentation over all lifecycle phases. Our manufacturer-independent software helps us keeping the asset history accurately and all-encompassing.


Moreover, we always keep an eye on all requirements and approvals so that operating is possible without any restrictions for the entire duration of the project.


Our technical reports will inform you monthly about everything essential. We would be pleased to meet your individual requirements.

The standard version includes:

  • the yield overview of the windpark
  • the daily energy yield
  • the cumulative annual overview
  • the plant availability
  • the error analysis

The e save-Package covers additional security relevant aspects

Visual inspection and perpetration

We visually inspect the park infrastructure and the plants. Therefore, we perpetrate the plants and ensure that everything operates correctly. Furthermore, the plant condition is rated and documented.

Error acknowledgement

Moreover, we inspect occurring errors caused by the weather or implausible plant conditions on site. We observe also the workings and operating security and control their calculations.

Repairing, service and maintenance

We do coordinate all service and repairing measures on site. Even the attendance for large components exchanges is inclusive. Whether circumstances require we inform the landlord and coordinate the consultancy of possible field damages.


With our working and operating monitoring you can feel safe. We monitor the deadlines of the fire extinguisher, the ladder, PPE and the access system as well as the checking intervals of the cranes and initiate checks timely.

Warranty management

Warranty management can be a very important building block if things do not work out as planned. We take over insurance cases, damage documentations and offer invitations for possibly new contractors.

Module e extra for more flexibility.

Continuous operation

Continue the operation of a wind park after 20 years is a complex task. Legal, technical and economic aspects have to be considered. Planning the continuation can easily take a year, but we are here to consult you.

On the one hand we offer you a pre-check as well as a suggested action which includes repowering, dismantling or continuing. On the other hand we coordinate the handling and all necessary measures for a safe continuing operation.

Analyses and forecasts

Based on individual plant data or on our databank we create short- to medium-term breakdown forecasts. We also inform you about the damage evaluation of your plant and provide a database-based comparison with our reference pool.
The second part of this package is the comprehensive analysis of your wind farm performance. This includes, for example, the inspection and verification of the performance curve, the technical and energetic availability and much more. Finally we prepare a databank based comparison with our reference pool once again.