Turning wind into values
What we offer
Project development
  • Planning and constructing onshore wind farms in Germany
  • Output balance: 1500 MW offshore, 350 MW onshore
Wind farm management
  • Technical and commercial management
  • For our own farms and external customers
  • Self-developed software e.live
  • Output balance: approx. 500 MW under management
  • Independent service provider for Enercon wind turbines since 2017
  • Partial and full maintenance
  • Focus on types E40–E92
  • Output balance: approx. 250 turbines / 360 MW under contract
Investment and asset management
  • Purchasing, structuring and managing our own and third-party wind farms
  • ENOVA IPP has its own portfolio of around 100 MW
  • ENOVA Value acquires old wind farms and manages a portfolio of around 100 MW
  • Assets under management (AuM): approx. €400m

Our activities are spread across four interrelated core fields of expertise. It all began in 1989 when we started engineering, planning and constructing (EPC) onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Our technical and commercial management (TCM) builds on this expertise, administrating ENOVA’s own and third-party wind farms throughout Germany, a process united in our own asset management software e.live.

To this is added technical maintenance and servicing (ISP) by ENOVA Service GmbH, an independent service provider and specialist in Enercon turbines.

The portfolio is managed by Investment & Asset Management (IAM), which launched an independent power producer (ENOVA IPP) in 2017 and founded a second investment vehicle (ENOVA Value) in 2020 which focuses on the acquisition of old wind farms in Germany.

Our project development
  • Greenfield development
  • Complete planning and implementation of wind energy projects through every HOAI service phase, all the way to turnkey handover
  • Repowering planning
Identifying the project area
Identifying the project area
  • Professional potential area analysis to determine suitable wind sites in the survey area (own properties, municipal area, supply area, district etc.)
  • Feasibility studies of potential sites on offer (public tenders, offers from private owners)
  • Rough draft: development and grid connection planning
  • Initial yield indication and profitability analysis
Design planning
Design planning
  • Create a farm layout on areas already identified
  • Preliminary assessment of sound, shade, yield and other influencing factors
  • Evaluate existing expert conservation reports
  • Profitability calculations
  • Feasibility studies (economic/technical) on our own areas already identified
  • Schedule management, drawing up or verifying a preliminary schedule
  • Visualisation
  • Yield optimisation
Securing land
Securing land
  • Obtain ALK/ALB data (automatic real estate book/map)
  • Draft concept – participation and leasing model
  • Professional support at citizens’ information evenings
  • Preparing the contract documents
  • Lease discussions and negotiations, all the way to conclusion
Approval planning
Approval planning
  • Interface management
  • Commissioning and supervising all of the necessary expert opinions (conservation, landscape, noise protection, shadows, soil analyses, ice discharge etc.)
  • Preparing and holding scoping events
  • Compiling BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) applications and other approval applications
  • Assisting with urban land use planning – F-Plan, B-Plan (land use plan / development plan)
Grid connection
Grid connection
  • Applying for grid connection (SDL, MS/HS)
  • Securing land for grid connection
  • Interface management – wind turbine manufacturers, energy suppliers, certifiers
Implementation planning
Implementation planning
  • Inviting trades to tender and awarding contracts
  • Drawing up a plan ready for implementation
  • Contract negotiations with wind turbine manufacturers
Project implementation
Project implementation
  • Construction supervision and management (concept proposals in the event of deviations and problems)
  • Time management
  • Claim management
  • Project acceptance and handover

Any Questions?

Hannah Gowland

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Continued operation 2.0
A secure future

Almost 6,000 wind turbines and more than four gigawatts of capacity ceased to be eligible for guaranteed EEG (Renewable Energies Act) remuneration in 2021. This will continue at an annual rate of 1,500 turbines in years to come. Rising costs combined with uncertain returns present operators with the challenge of how to prepare for the future.

ENOVA doesn’t leave operators alone with these uncertainties. With all our experience, we can find the best possible solution for every wind farm.

Avoid lulls: predictive maintenance for reliable and profitable operation

Some wind farms aren’t suitable for repowering. But continuing to operate older wind turbines is not without risk. As they age, there is a greater likelihood of minor and major damage combined with protracted downtime.

Our continued operation concepts for service and maintenance work are designed to safeguard your turbines for the future and include targeted checks to detect and prevent major damage at an early stage. This allows ENOVA Service to ensure continued economic operation even after EEG compensation expires.

ENOVA Service

Fresh breeze: repowering old turbines

Breathe a breath of fresh air into your wind farm and replace your old turbines with more efficient models. Repowering means you keep an infrastructurally developed location and enjoy further synergies.

ENOVA is an experienced partner at your side, from the first planning step to handing over the turnkey wind farm. We can advise you on all kinds of economic and technical issues and we can take care of everything around securing land, permits and financing.

Project development

Successful even in stormy weather: taking over older wind farms

The discontinuation of guaranteed EEG remuneration combined with the increased risk of continuing to operate old turbines is forcing many operators to look for ways of selling all or part of their wind farms. Investment company ENOVA Value acquires turbines that are ten years old or more and can draw on all the opportunities within the ENOVA Group to optimise a wind farm’s added value and ensure its continued economic operation.


Whatever happens, we’re always thinking ahead and thinking in your interests, because our accomplished experts keep a constant eye on your wind farm.

They’re helped by e.live – our own wind farm management software which makes it easy to monitor wind turbines. We use it to process all of the relevant data, analyse it, and present it to you. On this basis, safe decisions can be made in no time at all. And our dedicated experts are constantly incorporating their extensive knowledge into our software.

We know that perfect solutions are always the result of modern, cutting-edge technology, expertise in action and personal dedication.

  • Smart as they come: the basis for efficient technical management
  • Software-based 24/7 remote monitoring and on-call service
  • Fault management
  • Coordinate and communicate with service companies, network operators and authorities
  • Deadline management and monitoring
  • Documentation and keeping a logbook
  • Monthly technical reports
  • Proactive customer care
  • Monitoring deadlines and coordinating inspections for compliance with BImSchG permits and other requirements
  • Smart and safe: all e-smart services plus all-round technical support
  • On-site fault confirmation and/or provision of a wind farm warden
  • Coordination, order processing and monitoring for maintenance, service and repairs
  • Regular rounds and visual inspection of wind turbines, access roads and compensation areas
  • Monitoring occupational and operational safety
  • Warranty management
  • Comprehensive quarterly and annual reports
  • Redispatch 2.0 – yield and outage calculation
  • Auditing incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Extra efficient: additional modules for special technical requirements
  • Advice on ongoing operation after 20 years: repowering vs. continued operation
  • Short- and medium-term outage forecasts and comprehensive system performance analyses
  • Testing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Internal network management and planning, processing and executing switching operations
  • Assisting surveyors
  • Compensation and replacement activities – management
  • Technical due diligence (buying, selling and evaluating wind farms)
  • Processing expert opinions and tests (such as recurrence inspections, condition-based testing, turbulence, stability)
  • Carrying out vibration analyses
  • Conducting training courses etc. for assessors and plant managers
  • Coordinating, implementing and controlling green pruning


Miriam Bruns
Tel.: +49 (0) 4953 - 92 90 191


Our in-house software e.live combines the knowledge of experienced wind experts, IT specialists and asset managers on a dashboard that can be configured to your own requirements.

e.live gives you a real-time view of performance and key figures. Wherever you are, the mobile app provides access to turbine data, the latest energy exchange and weather data and documents.

One highlight feature is automatic monitoring of all relevant parameters (e.g. power reductions, bat and shadow shut-offs).

Based on Microsoft Azure products and the Microsoft Power Platform, e.live can be expanded to include almost any data source and can be tailored to changing market and operator conditions.


Miriam Bruns
Tel.: +49 (0) 4953 - 92 90 191

You can rely on ENOVA when it comes to figures, data and facts. Years of experience with a wide variety of financing and fund structures and our excellent network make us a dependable commercial management partner.

We look after your financial affairs, the administration of your fund, and many other aspects of bookkeeping and accounting, controlling and reporting, and communicating with stakeholders. Our service packages meet your particular requirements.

  • Smart as they come: the basis for efficient commercial management
  • (Preparatory) accounting
  • Payment transactions and bank account management
  • Auditing incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Energy yield test
  • Receivables management
  • Monthly commercial reports
  • Proactive customer care, including information about unusual business transactions
  • Documentation management
  • Smart and safe: all e-smart services plus all-round commercial support
  • Redispatch 2.0 processing
  • Direct marketing advice and/or handling
  • Lease management
  • Liquidity planning
  • Contract monitoring
  • Comprehensive quarterly and annual reports
  • Insurance management
  • Coordination and revision of EEG certificate for greater initial remuneration
  • Extra efficient: additional modules for special commercial requirements
  • Accounting, annual financial statements and tax auditing in collaboration with an external tax advisor
  • Limited partner management, including providing an online platform
  • Organising and holding shareholders’ meetings
  • Organising and holding advisory board meetings
  • Revenue and cost pooling
  • Claim management


Manuela Prast
Tel.: +49 (0) 4953 - 92 90 280

Foto eines Windparks

Our experience and a large network of wind turbine developers and operators gives us preferential access to projects. Alongside this technical network, we’ve been able to build up an outstanding reputation in recent years, especially among institutional investors, which benefits us in portfolio transactions.


We’ve carried out numerous due diligences in the German wind energy sector. Our experience, and the expertise of our engineers in the valuation of wind turbines, means we can regularly benefit in areas such as technical due diligence for our own greenfield projects.


Once a wind farm has been acquired, structures have to be set up and alliances entered into with stakeholders such as land owners and local project developers in order to maximise the value created by a project. Again, we can draw on our wide network of partners.


We also look back on years of experience in financing wind projects through equity, mezzanine and debt capital. We’ve also supported numerous transactions in which the finance was already in place and we were able to optimise it.


It’s important to continuously optimise project returns. We reduce operating costs by offering for tender services relating to whole wind energy portfolios. We rely on big data solutions for data evaluation so that we can identify irregularities and take steps to resolve them.

Our own instruments employ uniform reporting standards. These evaluations give banks, auditors and investors detailed insight into the economic circumstances and technical performance of our wind farms.



Financial commitments have to pay off. That’s why we engage the ENOVA Group’s entire wealth of experience from over 30 years of developing, building, operating and servicing wind turbines so that our investors turn a profit. Sellers also know us as fair negotiating partners.


Björn Burau
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 - 228647 482


Once ENOVA IPP had been successfully established, a second investment vehicle called ENOVA Value was founded which, with a strategic partner, pursues the following objectives:

  • acquire a diversified portfolio of wind farms with a clear focus on turbines aged 10+ years
  • increase the added value of wind energy projects
  • actively shape the revolution in the renewable energies sector (Energy Transition 2.0)

ENOVA Value has the entire range of services of the ENOVA Group at its disposal to help it increase value: project development that is both efficient and backed by strong implementation; customised technical and commercial management augmented by investment and asset management services; and ENOVA Service’s demand-oriented maintenance concepts, full and partial. We have all the tools at our disposal to ensure that turbines are operated at maximum efficiency.

ENOVA Value recognises opportunities to significantly increase value creation at wind farms. This is especially advantageous to operators who are paid out for this added value when they sell.

As a financially and operationally strong partner with years of experience and regional roots, ENOVA aims to offer wind farm owners the opportunity to sell all or part of their shares in their wind farms.


Windkraftanlage in vernebelter Region
1. Wind farm Waldfeucht
  • Type E-66 18/70
  • Quantity 14
  • Commissioning 2004
  • Performance 25,2 MW
2. Repowering wind farm Waldfeucht
  • Type Nordex N163
  • Quantity 7
  • Commissioning 2023
  • Performance 39,9 MW

ENOVA IPP GmbH & Co. KG (“ENOVA IPP”) was set up as an independent power producer in March 2017, in collaboration with the SIGNAL IDUNA Insurance Group and led by HANSAINVEST Real Assets GmbH. ENOVA IPP is an independent renewable electricity producer that operates a large number of wind turbines in Germany and promotes renewable energies long term.

It has built up a portfolio of wind turbines producing around 100 MW in strategic partnership with HANSAINVEST.

Having successfully established ENOVA IPP, we set up another independent power producer in 2022: ENOVA IPP II. Together with our long-standing partners, the SIGNAL IDUNA Insurance Group and HANSAINVEST, we want to build up and operate an additional wind farm portfolio producing 150 to 200 MW, thereby making an active contribution to the energy transition. We will benefit especially from our experience in structuring ENOVA IPP and ENOVA Value, and from the transaction management of a large number of due diligence processes.

Wind farm Uetze
  • Type Vestas V-112
  • Quantity 5
  • Commissioning 2017
  • Performance 16,5 MW